Friday, 23 July 2010

BTRS- Lap Quilt

I'm in the middle of making one of the lovely Amy Karol's ( of ) quilts, from her book Bend the Rules Sewing =]

My cat is not helping at all...

Monday, 19 July 2010


Today I had very big grump, my mum's birthday project has been halted in its tracks, I still can't find any pinking shears to do the rosettes on her scarf. Just banking on her understanding on Wednesday!!

But I got her this really cute book/journal called 'The Mother's Book', its basically a huge blank book of questions posed at your mum, the end result being that you end up with a lovely collection of your mother's memories and advice written by her for you..... could be a little cheesy for my mum.. But I'm going to give her the challenge of completing within a year, so that when I move out I have this lovely book all about her.
The Mother's Book: The Only Gift Book You Hope to Get Back

Mm today I also popped into town for a meeting (sounds so grown up!) because I'm so excited about being involved with this fabby Art Late project for our Art Festival, organised by a committee of young people (meeee! =] ), 

..... Theeen I found some really cheap Chinese paintbrushes because the other day I got this lovely book on Chinese motifs, I have an obsession with the everything Chinese/Japanese. So really loving just doodling/ splodging  with lots of nice blank ink. :P

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Lots and lots of seams!!

          Right! Today I've decided I'm going to properly do this blog!!! Hold me to it :P

Here is the crafting I embarked on today. It's my mum's birthday on Wednesday, and we were on holiday in London last week where we saw this amazing Valentino rose scarf- which was scary expensive. So I've decided to try and recreate it for her.... which is slightly easier said than done.

2 metres of organza and a blunt pair of pinking shears later I've just managed to roll all the edges of what will be the base of the scarf. But I can't move on yet cause my pinking shears are blunt =[ But anyway heres a wee (badly lit pic) of my afternoons' work:
Lots of organza!!!! (and its the first time I've worked with it too!)

2nd blog post ever!! =]

Thursday, 3 December 2009


I've finally decided to enter the world of crafty blogs after spending all my time on them for ages now!! I absolutely love crafting particularly; quilting, embroidery, sewing anything in general, painting, sketching, taking photos, baking. - Heres a wee pic of a cupcake i baked for my standard grade art.